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Windsor Green is a 654-unit residential community located in Greenbelt East at the intersection of Frankfort Drive and Greenbelt Road. The homes are townhouses of varying sizes and styles, clustered in short blocks within 24 courts, set in a graceful landscape of trees, planted areas, and open spaces.
The homes were built in two stages by two different builders – the first 13 courts from 1976 to 1980; the remaining 11 courts from 1981 to 1989. The first homeowners took up residence early in 1977. The first homeowner was appointed to the developer –controlled Board in 1978. Homeowners have had all seats on the Board of Directors from 1986.
The demographically diverse community of about 1,700 people has 24 acres of privately-owned lots, and 52 acres of common area. There are six playgrounds, five multi-purpose recreational spaces, five lighted tennis courts, a wading pool, a large main pool, a community center with office, kitchen, and public room, a maintenance yard, 6,500 feet of recreational trails, and over thirty acres of planted areas, turf, and trees. The incorporated association is supported by professional full-service management, including an on-site manager and grounds keeper, annual contracts for a mobile patrol, grounds maintenance, trash and recycled materials collection, and operation of the swimming and wading pools, and both legal and accounting professionals. Annual assessments for operating expenses are supplemented by significant reserves for long-range repairs, replacements, and improvements.

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Windsor Green Community

The Windsor Green Community Center comes with a pool. Windsor Green also has a private surveillance firm that patrols the community with the help of the Static Watch committee.

Community Pictures

Windsor Green has two tennis courts and five playgrounds scattered throughout the community as well as a large "green" area across from the Community Center.


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Frankford playground
 Canning playground  Canning playground

There are six basic townhouse layouts/looks in the Windsor Green Community that change as you move from the oldest to newest parts of the community. The first is the contemporary look. These townhouses have brick fronts with earth and pueblo look. The townhouses are laid out around square parking lots with small side streets to increase the sense of community.

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Canning Terrace Canning Terrace

Mandan Court

4 townhouses grouped together, one per side

Mandan Count

The end townhouses are turned at a right angle at each end of the row

Glen Ora Court

Typical contemporary look

In the middle of Windsor Green the look change to stone, brick, and siding.  The side streets are laid out in "T" form.

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Morrison Count Morrison Court

In the newest part of Windsor Green the townhouses are mostly siding and stone.  The street layout is long streets and "T" streets.

In the last court, the some of the townhouses have one car garages.


Ora Count

South Ora Drive
Some Townhouse have one car garages