New Owner Checklist


At Closing

If you are a new homeowner you should have received at closing the following items from the previous owner at closing:

  • Architectural Control Guidelines And Rules And Regulations document
  • Windsor Green Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Covenants, By-Laws, Recreational Facilities Agreement, Amendments document
  • Policy Resolutions documents
  • Current assessment information
  • Management company information
  • Mail box keys (should be at least 2 keys)
  • Payment coupons for the rest of the year

You can download the documents from the Documents web page but the parking permits must be provide by the seller.  Please then read the ACC and Rule documents.  Remember, if you are planning to change something outside, always check the documents first to see if you need permission from the ACC.  This is a Homeowners Association, not a private residence.

Contact Community Office

Stop by the community office or call the management company that you are now the new owner.  The management company and the Association does NOT know when a home is sold unless you tell us or fail to send in a monthly assessment.  Also, by stopping by the community office you can meet the onsite community manager and have a change to talk to them about the community, activities, etc.  As strange as it sounds, many homeowners have never stopped by the office and have no idea how the Association works or what their responsibilities are as a homeowner.

Missing Payment Coupons

If you did not receive any payment coupons you must contact the management company at once and either setup a direct deposit with the management company or request that the payment coupons be mailed to you at once.  You will be fined for late payments!