Planning to Buy Here



When thinking about buying a home in Windsor Green you should be aware what the rules are and your responsibilities as a homeowner.  The three common questions involve:

     Maintaining your home, and the
     Homeowner association.


Parking Rules

As a homeowner you are assigned one reserve parking space. Most of the courts at Windsor Green do not have enough parking spaces to allow every home to park two vehicles. The remaining parking spaces on each court are available on a first come first served bases. You are not allowed to park more than two vehicles on the court at any one time. If you need to park more than two vehicles, the extra vehicles will have to be parked on the City streets. If you have two vehicles already parked in the court, your guests will need to park on the streets. Large or commercial vehicles are not allowed to park in the courts. Vehicles parked in the court must move regularly, you are not allowed to store vehicles in the open unassigned parking spaces.


Maintaining you home

As a homeowner you are required to maintain your home and comply with the rules and regulations of the Homeowners Association.  You should consider this potential expense when thinking about buying a home at Windsor Green. Windsor Green performs an annual maintenance inspection of all homes each year and cites any homes that are not properly maintained.

Any exterior improvements to a home at Windsor Green must meet the standards of the Windsor Green architectural guidelines and must be approved by the Windsor Green Architectural Control Committee. You must submit a change application to the committee and receive approval BEFORE starting any improvement work.

Should I Live Here?

The primary job of the Homeowners Association is to maintain the Windsor Green community at a high level. There are rules and guidelines set forth in the Windsor Green governing documents that must be observed by all residents. If you move to Windsor Green you need to be familiar with its rules and regulations. We are always looking for new volunteers to work on the various committees in the community. All new residents are invited to volunteer.